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Donations & Floral Tributes

Donations and floral tributes provide a way of expressing condolences and sympathy when a person dies. If you are accepting donations and tributes for the ceremony of your loved one, or you wish to make a tribute, we can organise these services on your behalf. To find out how we can help or to arrange a tribute, please contact us on 01633 482291.

Floral Tributes

Many people like to make a floral tribute as a way of expressing their sympathy and personal feelings when a loved one dies. The flowers can be displayed at the venue of the ceremony, at the chapel of rest or they can be placed in the hearse. If you would like to make a floral tribute, we can organise the flowers on your behalf.

We can source flowers from reputable local florists that offer a range of floral tribute designs. If you live locally, we invite you to our offices where you can choose from a range of options from a brochure which is held at our premises. We can arrange for the flowers to be delivered to our funeral home, the church or the crematorium where the service will be held. To arrange a floral tribute, please contact us.

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Before a person dies, they may request that charitable donations are made to a cause close to their heart in lieu of floral tributes. Alternatively, the family may choose a charity on behalf of their loved one. We can organise the collection of donations. All donations are handled discreetly, and we will ensure the funds are passed directly to the intended charitable organisation.

Contact Arthur Peake & Sons

For more information about how we can help with donations and floral tributes, or to find out what charity has been nominated, please call us onĀ 01633 482291.

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