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Funeral Services Blackwood

We take pleasure in delivering sensitive and caring funeral services in Blackwood. We have been serving the residents of Blackwood for over a century, making us one of the most well-known funeral directors in the area. We go to great efforts to make the ceremony meaningful and tailored to the requests of loved ones.

Our services, which range from conventional funerals to direct cremations, are personalised to your loved ones’ desires, so they have less things to worry about at this terrible time. We provide pre-paid funeral plans in addition to funeral services to ensure that everything is taken care of and paid for when the time comes.

Arranging A Funeral

Funeral preparation is a tough and stressful process. We provide our expert services to alleviate you of the responsibility of arranging your ceremony. Our compassionate staff in Blackwood offers a complete funeral planning service, working directly with the family to ensure that all preparations are completed according to their desires.

To reduce the burden of preparation to a minimum, we pay close attention to the tiniest details. Allow us to take care of everything, from paperwork to repatriation to ceremony planning.

Traditional Funerals

We’ve refined our services over 100 years of organising funerals to give a conventional funeral that is entirely suited to your exact wishes. Our services include both burials and cremations, allowing you to say your final farewell in a meaningful and sincere way.

Mountain Scenery

Eco Funerals

Many people prefer to leave a smaller environmental imprint when they die, thus we provide eco funerals, often known as green funerals. These services are meant to ensure that a variety of activities are taken to decrease environmental impact. This may entail substituting an eco-wicker or cardboard coffin for our traditional fleet of automobiles, as well as altering other aspects of the ceremony to be more environmentally friendly.

Direct Cremation

Direct cremations, also known as pure cremations, are a less complicated service and process that includes choosing a cremation day and time. The funeral or memorial service is attended by no one. This is our cheapest funeral option.

Golden Charter Funeral Plans

Our Golden Charter funeral arrangements assure that we will be there for you when the time comes. To provide you and your family peace of mind, we offer a number of services that may be pre-paid through a payment plan. We provide a variety of options to fit your requirements and budget.

Golden Charter is a renowned funeral planning company that protects your money. This guarantees that our services are performed according to your specifications. After your death, the monies in the Golden Charter Trust will be released so that we can compensate you for your service. You may be confident that your funeral will be taken care of since our pre-paid funeral arrangements are backed by the Golden Charter.

You will be able to leave us wishes and specifications if you pick a pre-paid funeral plan with us. When the time comes, you will have total control over your funeral.

Pre-Paid Plans We Offer

There are three basic bundles in our Golden Charter pre-paid funeral arrangements. Blackwood residents have a range of sizes and characteristics to choose from.

This plan includes a professional and sympathetic funeral ceremony, as well as a modest casket, transportation, and a fund for third-party expenditures.

Similar to the Simple Way option, but with extra personal touches like a high-quality casket and limousine service.

Our Exclusive package includes a better coffin, two limos, and other more personal details like a list of mourners who contributed flowers, as well as everything you’ll need for a beautiful and poignant burial ceremony.

When you take up a pre-paid funeral plan with us, you can rest certain that when you pass away, everything will be taken care of, and your family and loved ones won’t have to cope with the extra burden of paying for a funeral. They will be able to grieve and lament in their own way if only the most basic arrangements are made for the funeral.

We offer a range of funerals to suit all budgets and wishes, ensuring you get a package which to match your needs. All of our funeral price lists are open and transparent, and depend on the location and type of funeral you choose. 

Golden Charter is a funeral plan service which ensures you can lock in the cost of a funeral, taking financial burden and stress away from your family in the event of your passing. We offer the Independent Simple Way, Independent Traditional Way & Independent Exclusive Way. If you would like to find out further details, please give us a call or arrange an appointment.

The death of a family member, close friend or loved one can be stressful and overwhelming time. There are multiple steps to take and people to inform, knowing before this happens can help reduce time. Registering the death, obtaining a medical certificate & making funeral arrangements are all part of the process.

Contact Us For More Information On Funeral Services In Blackwood

We’ve been providing funeral services to the people of Blackwood for over a century, and we’re dedicated to giving your loved ones the dignified send-off they deserve. If you have any queries regarding our funeral services in Blackwood, please contact us at 01633 482291.

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