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Funeral Directors Pontypool

We pride ourselves on delivering sympathetic and caring funeral services in Pontypool. Over 100 years of serving the people of Pontypool has made us one of the most established funeral directors in the area. We strive to make sure the ceremony is heartfelt and to the wishes of loved ones.

Offering a range of funeral services from traditional funerals to direct cremations, our services are tailored to meet the wishes of your loved ones so that they have less to worry about during their time of mourning. As well as funeral services we also offer pre-paid funeral plans to ensure that everything is taken care of and paid for when the time comes.

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Local Funeral Services Tailored to Your Needs

It can be a stressful and daunting task arranging a funeral. This is why we offer our expert services to take the burden from you and arrange the ceremony for you. Our caring team offers a comprehensive funeral arrangement service in Pontypool whereby we work closely with the family to ensure that all arrangements are made and to the specifications set out.

We take care of all factors to make sure that the stress of making arrangements is minimised. From assistance with documentation to repatriation and arranging the ceremony, let us take care of everything for you.

Traditional Funerals

Over 100 years of experience arranging funerals means that we have refined our services to provide a traditional funeral, completely tailored to your specific requests. Offering both burials and cremations our services allow you to say your final goodbyes in a heartfelt and sentimental way.

Arranging Funerals

Eco Funerals

Often people wish to have a small environmental impact on the planet when they pass away which is why we offer eco funerals, otherwise known as green funerals. These services are tailored to ensure that various steps are taken to limit the impact on the environment. This may include using an eco wicker or cardboard coffin, using alternative transport from our traditional fleet of vehicles and other aspects of the ceremony changed to consider the environment.

Direct Cremation

Direct cremations are a more simple service and process involving choosing a date and time for the cremation to occur. There is no funeral ceremony and the service is unattended. This is the most affordable funeral we provide.

Golden Charter Funeral Plans

Our Golden Charter funeral plans guarantee our services when the time comes. We offer various services that are pre-paid through a payment plan to give you and your family peace of mind. We offer different packages so that we are able to suit your needs and individual budget.

Golden Charter is a leading funeral plan provider that looks after your investment. This guarantees our services based on the specifications you leave us. When you pass away funds will be released from Golden Charter Trust in order for us to honour your funeral. As our pre-paid funeral plans are backed by the Golden Charter you can rest assured that your funeral will be taken care of.

By opting for a pre-paid funeral plan with us you will be able to leave us requests and specifications for us to follow. This allows you some control over your funeral when the time comes.

Pre-Paid Plans We Offer

We offer 3 different pre-paid funeral plans in Pontypool through the Golden Charter Trust that vary in size and specifications.

This plan includes a professional and compassionate funeral service including a simple coffin, transport and an allowance for 3rd party costs.

Similar to the Simple Way plan but with more bespoke differences such as a high quality coffin, the use of our limousine and more.

Including a superior coffin, the use of two of our limousines and other more personal extras such as a list of mourners who sent flowers our Exclusive way has everything you need for a beautiful and sentimental funeral service.

All of our pre-paid funeral services offer a way to ensure peace of mind and less stress for your family members when you pass away. The arrangements to be made by them will be minimal, allowing them to mourn in their own way.

We offer a variety of funeral packages to adapt to different of budgets and preferences, ensuring that your needs are met. All of our funeral price lists are transparent and inclusive, and vary according to the location and type of funeral you select. 

Golden Charter is a funeral planning service that enables you to lock in the cost of a funeral, relieving your family of financial strain and stress in the event of your death. We offer three distinct modes of operation: the Independent Simple Way, the Independent Traditional Way, and the Independent Exclusive Way. If you require additional information, please contact us or schedule an appointment.

When a family member, close friend, or loved one passes away, it can be an extremely stressful and overwhelming time. There are numerous steps to take and people to notify; being aware of them in advance can help save time. The process includes registering the death, obtaining a medical certificate, and making funeral arrangements.

Contact Us For More Information On Funeral Services In Pontypool

We have been offering funeral services to the people of Pontypool for over 100 years and we drive to ensure that your loved ones get the send-off they deserve, in a heartfelt way. For more information on any of our funeral services in Pontypool, call us on 01633 482291 or contact us.

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