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Funeral Plans Cwmbran

Flexible & Personalised Funeral Plan Costs For All


Funeral plans help spread the cost of your funeral. With inflating costs of funeral services, a personalised plan will protect your family and loved ones financially and removes the stresses of planning a funeral.

We work in close partnership with Golden Charter, one of the most trusted heritage providers of funeral plans in South Wales and the rest of the United Kingdom. Every plan we provide we guarantee our funeral director servicers.

Based in Cwmbran South Wales. Our relaxed and comfortable office is located for residents in Usk & Pontypool. Please give us a call to arrange an appointment with one of our specialists. You can reach us on 01633 482291.

How Do Our Funeral Plans Work?

Our funeral plans work by spreading the expense of a funeral service into manageable payments. The money you invest goes to pay for the service on the event of your death. We tailor all of our prices to your needs, making the plan easier to complete.

Unlike some providers, our plans ensure you lock in the cost of your service at current prices, which alleviates the cost for your family. When the time comes just one call will start the chain of events, ensuring the natural process of grieving and loss can be as stress free as possible.

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How Can I Benefit from a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan?

The leading key benefit of a plan is being able to lock in prices the day you take the plan out. Meaning that regardless of inflation, the cost of a funeral for a plan holder would be the same today as it would be in twenty, thirty and even forty year’s time, regardless of rising costs.

Customers are also able to have complete control over the funeral they have. In regards to monthly installment cost, choose a payment plan to suit your budget. Spreading payments across a time which most suits you.

  • Pay for your funeral in advance
  • Plan your own funeral according to your wishes
  • Save family from the financial burden of your funeral costs
  • Choose a payment plan to suit your budget
  • Spread payments across a period of time to suit your needs
  • Fix the costs against the prices of today
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What Payment Options Do We Offer?

Arthur Peake & Sons offer a multitude of payment options to suit your financial requirements.

If none of the below options seem viable, please feel free to suggest payment options that would suit you. We are more than happy to help customize our plans to find the most convenient way forward.

  • Payment in Full – pay for your funeral in advance in one lump sum
  • Twelve Equal Monthly Payments – spread the cost over twelve months
  • Low Cost Instalment – to reduce the monthly cost of your plan, you can spread the cost between two to thirty years
  • Fixed Monthly Payments – with this option the cost reflects the age that you reply
Guaranteed Professional Funeral Director Services of Arthur Peake & Sons

All plans we offer include the guarantee of our well known and respected family run funeral director service. As you’ll deal with us directly, have complete peace of mind that your wishes will be honoured.

Arrange a Free Funeral Plan Consultation

We offer free no obligation consolations to discuss options openly and in a no pressure environment. Our helpful staff can explain all the aspects and terms and conditions.

Once you have chosen your desired funeral services, we will be able to provide you with a written quotation and choice of payment options. To arrange a consultation, please call 01633 482291.

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