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Funeral Directors Newport

Looking for funeral directors can be a daunting task and the last thing on your mind at a time of grieving. At Arthur Peake, we know that finding the right funeral director in Newport is important in order to take the pressure out of the situation.

We have put together some useful tips and information so that you can be more prepared when the time comes.

What To Do When Someone Dies

When someone dies, a death certificate needs to be issued. This is so the funeral director can take possession of the body. If somebody dies in their home, a doctor can issue the death certificate. In England & Wales this must register within 5 days, In Scotland it’s 8 days.

If somebody has died in hospital, providing there are no unexpected medical conditions a post-mortem might be required. You can arrange collection by our funeral directors once the death certificate has been issued. Contact us as soon as you can as many of the funeral arrangements can be made before the body is collected.

Making Funeral Arrangements

We understand that the loss of a loved one can be  a terrible time and daunting. Our many years of experience means we are compassionate about all of your decisions and can assist anyway possible. Our trained staff can guide you through each stage whilst minimising the level of stress.

Typically, once the body has been collected, our funeral directors will take you through the planning process of the funeral. This starts with picking a date, then continues with the order and feel of the service that will best reflect your loved one. Our staff will go through everything with you from the transport to the order of service to ensure everything is as hassle free as possible.

If you have any questions to ask our funeral directors, please do not hesitate, our compassionate team will be more than happy to answer any enquiries you may have.

Funerals in Newport

We are a trusted and local funeral director in Newport with many years’ experience in providing a service that is both respectful and sympathetic service to our clients.  Contact us today to enquire about our services. Call us on 01633 482291.

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