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Do You Need Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

Do you need pre-paid funeral plans? You probably ask this for yourself or family members. When asking this question, you should consider if it’s best for your family, will it be a financial burden? Or how will it affect your family in the future?

Nobody likes to think about the day we will not be here anymore, but with the cost of funerals on the rise – it needs to be considered. This blog will take you through what a pre-paid funeral plan is and what it can do for you and your family when the time comes.

What Is A Pre-Paid Funeral Plan

To put it simply, a pre-paid funeral plan is a plan for your funeral in advance. Along with this comes the payment for the planned funeral at the time it is needed. There are a variety of payment options to meet your budget, which can be fixed at today’s prices. So, once the funeral plan is paid for, there will be extra costs for your loved ones when the unfortunate time comes.

How Much Does A Funeral Cost

The average cost of a funeral can vary anywhere from £4000 – £5000 depending on requirements. This cost is set to only rise as the years go on, meaning putting a pre-paid funeral plan in place can combat the rising price. It keeps costs down as you’re paying for that set price with no chance of it rising years down the line, leaving less of a financial burden for your loved ones.

Making Funeral Plans

It can be a worry just thinking about funerals but making funeral plans can be very tough when it seems far away. If you find the perfect funeral directors however, it can be less of a challenge, like here at Arthur Peake. We are a trusted funeral director with over 100 years’ experience in providing funerals for our clients. We take you through each stage of the planning process, whilst ensuring you are fully aware of the best funeral plan for you.

Funeral Plans Cwmbran

For the best funeral plans in Cwmbran, come to Arthur Peake Funerals. Discover the difference with our skilled and knowledgeable team to guide you in finding the best plan for your requirements and give your loved one’s peace of mind for the future. Contact our helpful team today on 01633 482291 for more information

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