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Arranging Funerals in Cwmbran

When you are arranging funerals in Cwmbran, know how each stage makes a difference in the funeral planning process. Here at Arthur Peake Funeral directors, we understand that it can be a difficult time and having the support you need is key.

Local Family Run Business

As a Local family business and a respected funeral director. We have become a part of our community at a time when our clients need a unique kind of support. We work with you and your loved ones to plan funerals that represent the deceased life and how they wanted to be remembered. Nowadays, there are an array of funeral choices to make from the material they wanted their coffin to be made of to the type of service they would have wanted.

It has become more popular to undertake a pre-paid funeral plan that allows you to plan your funeral in advance and lay out how you want your funeral to be. Funeral arrangements include a range of requirements such as: –

  • Transport
  • Readings and Orders of service
  • The Funeral Service
  • Coffin or Casket
  • Burial or Cremation
  • Wake

Each playing a key role in the smooth running of the funeral. With many choices to make, it can seem daunting, but we are here to help and advise on the best funeral to suit your requirements and budget.

Further Details on Our Funerals

For further details on our funerals and any advice you need, please do contact us here at Arthur Peake Funerals. Our experienced team will be able to answer any question you have about our funeral arrangement or our pre-paid funeral plans. For the simple peace of mind, we are here to help. Contact us on 01633 482 291

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