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Why Are Funeral Costs Rising

Why Are Funeral Costs Rising?

Have you ever thought how much a funeral costs? Year on year the cost of funerals are rising. Why are funeral costs rising? With more increases in price on services, they have a knock-on effect to the cost of a funeral. This is where a pre-paid funeral plan could help to cap your funeral costs at todays prices. Find out how with Arthur Peake & Sons.

How Much Will A Funeral Cost

On average a funeral will cost around £4,500. As we said above, a lot of this cost is down to service costs, such as headstones, hearse, flowers, catering, and care of the deceased. All of these will increase over time. Not forgetting the costs of burial or cremation. Many families will find it difficult to find the monies needed to cover the costs of a funeral. Some may find it very hard, this is ‘Funeral Poverty’ and over 2019 it is estimated that this debt is at around the £147 million mark for the U.K alone.

Have You Heard of Pre-Paid Funeral Plans?

One of the answers to ‘Funeral poverty’ could be pre-paid funeral plans. These unique plans are a great way to plan for the future and save your loved ones any financial worries after you are gone.

With a selection of payment options, from flexible payment to full payment. You can find a funeral plan to best suit your circumstances. When you take out a pre-paid funeral plan, you sit down with your local funeral director and lay out every aspect of your funeral. Now, it is worth noting that everything will be included in your funeral plan, but you should always check what items need to have monies put aside to complete your overall funeral planning.

Your Local Funeral Director 

For your local funeral director, look no further than Arthur Peake & Sons. Our skilled and respectful team will be able to help with any funeral planning advice you may need. Contact us today and find out how the pre-paid funeral plans from Golden Charter can give you and your loved one’s peace of mind

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