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The Benefits of Pre-Planning Your Funeral

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Throughout life you’re told to live in the moment and enjoy each day as it comes. So when it comes to pre-planning your funeral, it could feel a bit uncomfortable. However, pre-planning a funeral is not just about organising the celebration of your life. It’s also about minimising the stress upon your grieving loved ones. […]

Pre Paid Funeral Plans VS Life Insurance

Pre Paid Funeral Plans VS Life Insurance

When it comes to the comparison of Pre-Paid Funeral Plans VS Life Insurance, it doesn’t really need to be a worry. These to plans are used in different ways to prepare for the future. A funeral plan is used to arrange your funeral before your death and ensure your wishes are completed by your chosen […]

Coronavirus and Funerals

Coronavirus and Funerals Cwmbran

Coronavirus has taken a great toll on Cwmbran and the rest of the world, greatly affecting our ability to mourn the passing of loved ones properly. The effects COVID-19 has had on funerals has meant many changes to the running of services and unfortunately caps on the number of people able to attend. With the […]

Do You Need Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

Do You Need A Pre-Paid Funeral Plan

Do you need pre-paid funeral plans? You probably ask this for yourself or family members. When asking this question, you should consider if it’s best for your family, will it be a financial burden? Or how will it affect your family in the future? Nobody likes to think about the day we will not be […]

Are You Too Young For A Funeral Plan?

Are You To Young For A Funeral Plan

The simple answer to, are you too young for a funeral plan, is no. Pre-paid funeral plans can be taken out from the age of 18. These detailed funeral plans allow you to plan for the future but keep the costs at today’s prices. Find out how a funeral plan can work for you. Are […]

Which Funeral Director To Choose

Choosing A Funeral Director

Most people have never planned a funeral or contacted funeral directors, as they prefer not to think about it ahead of time. That’s where a reputable funeral director comes in. They will help you make the best decisions for you and the deceased by guiding you through each stage. What Services Does The Funeral Director […]

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