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Registering a Death

Registering a Death

Registering a death is an important step to take when a person dies. When someone dies, the death must be registered with the local registrar. In Wales, it is a legal requirement that a death is registered within 5 days of its occurrence. However, this period can be extended under certain circumstances.

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How to Register a Death

You can register the death at the Register Office in the district where the death occurred, or you can go to any Register Office in England and Wales. Registering with the local office can often be a quicker process.

Who Can Register the Death?

What Will the Registrar Need to Know?

It may help you to prepare for your visit to know that the Registrar will require the following information:

The Registrar will ask you some questions to obtain the above information and will then print the details for you to check. It is most important that this document is checked carefully, as mistakes can easily be rectified at this point. Once the register is signed the Registrar will not always be able to correct any errors locally and may have to apply to the Registrar General for authority to correct.
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Other Documents

It would be helpful if you could bring any of the following documentary evidence with you to the appointment to confirm the deceased person’s details:

It is also important that you bring your own ID to confirm your identity.

What will I be issued with?

You will be issued with the following forms free of charge:

Local Registrars






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If you require further advice about registering a death, then do not hesitate to get in touch. A member of our team will be happy to provide information relating to your queries. Alternatively, you can check the Directgov website.

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