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Pre Paid Funeral Plans VS Life Insurance

Pre Paid Funeral Plans VS Life Insurance

When it comes to the comparison of Pre-Paid Funeral Plans VS Life Insurance, it doesn’t really need to be a worry. These to plans are used in different ways to prepare for the future. A funeral plan is used to arrange your funeral before your death and ensure your wishes are completed by your chosen funeral director. When it comes to life insurance this is a great way to ensure that your loved ones can cover other costs and not have financial worries when they are grieving. Look below and find out how both plans cold be a benefit for you.

What Is The Best Pre-paid Funeral Plan

Each pre-paid funeral plan will work slightly differently but here at Arthur Peake we provide pre-paid funeral plans from Golden Charter. Each plan can be tailored to meet your requirements. Even a green funeral can be planned with a funeral plan.

The funeral plans are separated into three tiers, as shown below: –

  • Independent Simple Way
  • Independent Traditional Way
  • Independent Exclusive Way

Every plan includes a range of core funeral services and can work with a multitude of budgets. Take a look at our Golden Charter funeral plans page for more details on what included in these tiers, you can find the information here and find out why they can be the best for you.

Are Funeral Plans a Type of Life Insurance?

The simple answer is no. Funeral plans are not an insurance. Funeral plans simply are an arrangement to pay for your funeral in advance at a set price. Life insurance will be paid regularly until your death and then paid to beneficiary. As we have said above it’s not really a case of Pre-Paid Funeral Plans VS Life Insurance, as they are two policies that can work together to give you peace of mind that your arrangements are made and your loved ones will have less stress when the time comes.

More Information On Funeral Plans

For more information on funeral plans or any service we provide at Arthur Peake funeral services, contact our team. They will happily help with any questions or arrangements you may have. With many years of experience we provide a trusted local service to our clients. Contact us on 01633 482 291 or at enquiries@arthurpeakefunerals.co.uk.

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