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Following a death, it is normal to feel overwhelmed and seek out support. You may have many questions relating to the process following the death of a loved one. Our FAQ is designed to answer some of the most common questions people ask.

If the death has happened within a hospital or nursing home you can contact us to instruct our services immediately on 01633 482291.

If a loved one died at home then you will need to call the paramedics in the first instance. 

If the coroner becomes involved, then they will advise you on when you can instruct our services.

If a person dies abroad, then your loved one will need to be repatriated. We can deal with all aspects of repatriation on your behalf. If this has happened, then do not hesitate to instruct our services.

Funeral directors play an important role. We will collect the deceased and transport them to our funeral home, where they will be cared for until the funeral ceremony. We will arrange the burial or cremation on your behalf and any other funeral services you require.

Some people may not wish for a funeral ceremony to take place. This can be due to many personal reasons. If you don’t want a funeral ceremony, we can offer direct cremation. This is a cremation without a ceremony beforehand and the absence of mourners.

We have an on-site chapel of rest. It is possible to arrange viewings before the funeral ceremony at the chapel. To arrange a viewing, please contact us.

To register a death you should visit the local registry office in the district where the death occurred as it is quicker, however, you can register the death at any registry office in Wales or England. Sometimes you have to book an appointment, so it is worth checking with the office first.

Depending on your circumstances, you may qualify for help with funeral costs. To find out more please visit the government’s website here.

Embalming is an optional process that preserves the body and is required if you wish for an open casket funeral service. Embalming enables us to present your loved one in the best way possible.

It is not a legal requirement, however, it can help notify local friends of the death.

The crematorium will advise when you can collect the ashes.

Contact Arthur Peake & Sons

If you have any questions concerning funeral services and matters following a death, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01633 482291.

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