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Refined services

Traditional Funerals

Traditional Funerals

With over 100 years of experience in providing traditional funerals for the community of Cwmbran, we have refined our services to provide a tailored approach that reflects your unique wishes. Offering both burials and cremations, our professional services provide the opportunity to say a heartfelt final goodbye.

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Traditional Funerals Tailored to Your Needs

Traditional funerals follow age-old traditions, and many people prefer to have a traditional service because they feel that this type of service will offer the most respectful send-off. 

Here at Arthur Peake & Sons, we offer the freedom to tailor our services to reflect your exact wishes. In addition, if you wish to combine a more modern approach with traditional services, this can be achieved.

What Does a Traditional Funeral Service Involve?

Traditional funeral services usually follow a certain structure that includes the following:

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Eco Funerals

Many people wish to have as little impact on the environment as possible when they pass away. As a result, we offer eco funerals that allow families the opportunity to substitute traditional funeral services for eco-friendly ones. 

There are various steps that can be taken to limit the impact on the environment, such as the provision of a wicker or cardboard coffin, and the absence of funeral cars and other items such as service and hymn sheets. To discuss all our green options, please contact us.

The Funeral Service

The funeral service usually begins with the hearse travelling to the place of ceremony, followed by limousines that the close family will travel in. At the funeral ceremony venue, the coffin will be carried into the service by bearers.

During the service, close family and friends may perform eulogies, and hymns and music may be played. If the service involves a burial, people will gather at the graveside to say a final farewell.

Contact Arthur Peake & Sons

For more information about our traditional funerals in Cwmbran, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Our caring staff can provide information, support and guidance.
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