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Are You To Young For A Funeral Plan

Are You Too Young For A Funeral Plan?

The simple answer to, are you too young for a funeral plan, is no. Pre-paid funeral plans can be taken out from the age of 18. These detailed funeral plans allow you to plan for the future but keep the costs at today’s prices. Find out how a funeral plan can work for you.

Are Funeral Plans Just For The Over 50’s

As we said above you don’t need to be over 50 to have a funeral plan. A pre-paid funeral plan can be taken out in your 20’s as well as your 60’s but the earlier you take out the funeral plan, the less money you will spend. There are many great payment options to suit your budget and unlike over 50’s cover, once your last payment is made, your funeral will be covered with no hidden costs.

How Long Do Funeral Plans Last

Pre-paid funeral plans last until they are needed. As stated above the price will be locked on the cost today and no additional costs will be incurred by your loved ones. Do be aware of what is covered within your funeral plan and ensure any monies needed to cover any extras is out to one side.

What Is Included In Your Funeral Plan

Funeral plans will vary between suppliers, so it is always worth check what is included. Here at Arthur Peake & Sons we provide Golden Charter Funeral Plans, take a look at everything that is included in their Independent Simple Way Plan: –

  • Provision of professional funeral director services and planning of arrangements
  • Guidance on certification of death, how to register a death and any related documentation
  • Simple coffin
  • Collection of the deceased to the funeral director’s funeral home (within 25-mile radius) within working hours
  • Care of deceased prior to the cremation or burial – not including embalming
  • Use of service rooms and chapel of rest
  • Family viewings at pre-arranged times
  • Funeral service at a local cemetery or crematorium
  • Funeral to be held on a normal weekday and during working hours
  • Choice of date of funeral
  • Choice of time of funeral
  • Hearse to transport the deceased to the cemetery or crematorium
  • Bearers to attend to the coffin
  • Allowance for 3rd party costs
  • 24-hour telephone bereavement support provided by the funeral director

For Funeral plans in Cwmbran come to Arthur Peake & Sons. As we have showed having a funeral plan in place can be a great option for being prepared for the future. With rising funeral costs, it’s the smart choice, no matter your age. Contact our team today to discuss your pre-paid funeral plan.

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